Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TNNA Mini WrapUp

Well, that week was a blur.  I'm recently back from Columbus, OH and the TNNA Summer Market.  What a great show!  Beautiful booths, positive energy, and wonderful people.  As per usual, I didn't get out of my booth much, and not a single photograph to be had (even though I brought my camera).  I didn't even get a single Jeni's ice cream!  But I did walk the floor each morning before the show opened to scope out all of the new fibery goodness and got to talk with folks who stopped by the booth. 

I roomed with my buddie Jeane deCoster of Elemental Affects and got to see samples of her new Romney yarn.  Mmmmm.  Michelle Miller of Fickle Knitter Design had a smashing hot pink booth, and did you know that she has a book coming out?  I've placed my pre-order and have demanded asked for an autographed copy.  Dale of Norway was in the booth next to me, and besides being charming folks, they had a charming xmas tree decorated with knitted ornaments from the new 55 Christmas Balls to Knit book which will be released this summer.  I am all over this book when it comes out (quick and easy xmas gifts, here I come).  

Imperial Stock Ranch from Oregon was another interesting booth, and the owner told us a bit about the ranch's history.  They've been operating for 140 consecutive years!  It's fascinating to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes operations of a real ranch, and how the owners adapt to changing market conditions.  Their yarns are lovely.

Amy from knitty.com stopped by, as did JC Briar (her new book is terrific).  I got to meet Kimberly from XRX, and had drinks and deep-fried green beans with Jennifer from Holiday YarnsKollage Yarns was right up the road aisle so I got to run up and say hi to Erica and fondle the Sock-A-Licious.  There is some of that yarn in my future, I tell you.   I met Dob Robson in the airport on the way home, and I hope I didn't gush.  Her new book is FABULOUS.

And of course, it was wonderful to meet and talk with all of the wonderful store owners.  I'm happy that my markers will be in several new stores this summer!  But for that to happen, I must first get back to the production line!