Saturday, August 30, 2014

Put a Pen in It

A new design!  And it's free over on Ravelry!

Smitten by a gorgeous green cover, I recently strayed from my beloved Moleskine notebooks and purchased a new journal that didn't come with a built-in band closure.  So I decided to design and knit one of my own.  And while I was jotting down ideas with a beautiful fountain pen that was given to me a while back (filled with olive-green ink, no less!), well....

Introducing the Journal Band with Pen Pocket.

It's a quick knit, and only uses 70 yards or so of fingering weight yarn.

As well as being a great stash-busting project, it makes a great gift for a pen-loving pal.  

Especially if you put a pen in it.

And the pattern is free!