Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Spoils of Sock Summit (Wherein She Admits to Aiding the Sockonomy, Amongst Other Things)

I've really been enjoying reading people's posts about Sock Summit 2011, and especially seeing their pictures and videos.  I was there, but didn't see much outside of the confines of my own 10x10 booth (when you run a booth on your own, you don't get out much).  That's okay, because vending at SS11 was just a wonderful experience and opportunity.  I saw so many friends and repeat customers, and met many new ones.  Huge thank-you's to everyone who came by to say hello, and mille grazie to those who bought from me!

Here's my booth:


And close-ups of those socks you see hanging there on the right (more on that in another post):


Despite being booth-bound, I did manage to get out just a bit to do my part in supporting the fiber economy.  (Ahem.)

My first acquisition, long before the Marketplace even opened, was that gorgeous spindle seen in the upper left corner of the above photo.  I hadn't planned on buying any fiber tools, but hey, spindles happen (Tom Forrester "Wings" dual whorl spindle in padauk, cherry, and maple; purchased from the awesome Morgaine at Carolina Homespun).   Then, again before the Marketplace even opened, I had a little visit with the fine folks at Signature Needle Arts.  Needles happen also.

On to the yarn, because of course there was yarn.  First up was a luscious skein of Aries Oceanus from Fleur de Fiber (70% SW Merino, 30% Seacell Rayon; colorway Inka).  I spied Angela putting up her yarns in The Fold's booth on set-up day, and this one practically lept into my arms screaming "Bubblicious"!   Luckily for me, A Verb for Keeping Warm was right around the corner from my booth, so I scooted over a couple of times and picked up some Reliquary II laceweight (80% Superfine Merino, 20% Silk; colorway Magic Bean) and some Metamorphosis sport weight (70% SW Merino, 30% Silk; colorway Supernova).  I think the latter is calling "Lucy, Lucy!" to me.   Down the aisle from me was Tactile Fiber Arts Studio, where I obtained a skein of 100% Superwash Blue Faced Leicester, in a pretty shade called Dew.  I also nabbed a skein of Skinny Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon, not shown in the picture because it's still packed away somewhere amongst my booth stuff, yet to be excavated.  All in the fullness of time. 

There may also have been some sock blockers acquired.  And a few books.  And some software.  And a re-stocking of natural skin care products from Bar-Maids.  But hey, these things happen.

While I brought home lots of wonderful goodies, really the best acquisition of all was the hugs I got from some really special folks.

Here's Tina and Stephanie, the amazingly talented women that brought us Sock Summit.

The Dynamic Deb Duo, Debbi and Debra, were in charge of vendor care and maintenance.  They did a seriously awesome job.  I love them. 

Another pic of Debbi, because hey, pix happen.

Here's Stephen, who I didn't get to see much of during the show because he was out in front at the Registration booth.  I got my hugs, though, and luckily we ended up next to each other on the plane ride to SFO, where we had a great conversation and made big plans.

This is Kismet, who I first met at Stitches West a few years ago.  She owns Bar-Maids (mentioned above), and her products are absolutely fabulous.  Since trying her Face Pudding, I haven't used another moisturizer on my face.   She's also a great booth neighbor, and minded my space for me when I needed to run out to the ladies'.  Or around the corner to Verb. 

Here's Carrie, a.k.a. Irish Girlie Knits.  She's the sweetest, and her Honey Badger sock pattern kept me well entertained and occupied during my travels to and from Portland.

Here's Erica, who somehow managed to look fabulous even after breaking down a booth. 

There were so many more great people I got to see, but alas no pix of them.  I got to say hi to Alice, and even spotted her jumping through the Sock Gate and doing a drop-and-roll on the other side.  That's our Alice.  I saw Marisol, Liz, Dorie, Jill, Monique, Wendy, Terry, Josie...............whah, I wanna go back to Sock Camp!!  Marcy wasn't there in person, but she was there in spirits.  Missed you, Marcy!

There were lots of industry folks at Sock Summit as well (of course), and while I'm not the type to get star struck, I have to admit to being bowled over when Sivia Harding came into my booth to say hello.  (Sivia Harding!  In MY booth!)  Clara Parkes came in as well.  (Clara Parkes!  In MY booth!!)  There were Anne Hanson, and Ann Budd, and Anne Merrow.  Amy Singer and Jaala Shiro.  I had a lovely chat with Anna Zilboorg while we were waiting for the elevator at the hotel.  Swoon.   I got to say hello to Cat Bordhi and Janel Laidman and so many other inspiring men and women.  Fabulous. 

I can't close without extending a huge and heartfelt Thank You to ST-1, ST-2, and the volunteers for putting on such a great show.  I had the time of my life.