Friday, March 4, 2011


I'm wearing my grandmother's mother's ring today.  I always feel so connected to her and my mother when I wear it.

I don't remember Nana ever wearing it, although I do remember Mom wearing it when it passed to her.  I wonder if she felt connected too?  I'll never know now; she's been gone for a long time.

The sapphire stone on the left is my mother, Jane.  She was the youngest of Nana's three children.  The peridot in the middle is my uncle, Robert, whom I never met.  He died in the Korean war, long before I was born.  All I have of him is a single black and white photograph, and my mother's stories.  He was incredibly handsome, with blue eyes and black hair -- "Black Irish" as my mother referred to him.  The ruby stone on the right is my uncle, Jim.  They called him Junior for some reason; he was neither a Jr. nor small.  Another one of those family mysteries I'll never know now. 

Funny how a tiny little object can evoke so many memories and connect three generations.  Miss you, Nana and Mom.

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