Monday, November 14, 2011

Garden Unrest

Figuring it was time to put the beds to bed, so to speak, I meandered down to the garden this morning to check things out and work up a garden-winterizing to-do list.  I hadn't been down there pretty much since we moved in a few weeks ago and I was surprised at what I found. 

A bright and cheery gerbera daisy.

Some type of cucumber.  Tastes different from a regular
cuke, and I think these are well past their prime.

These were tucked under the cucumber vines.  Nothing smells like a carrot straight out of the ground.  They'll go into a butternut squash-carrot soup for tomorrow night's dinner.

An orange cherry tomato variety.  It's been pretty cold the
last week or two, but these seem to be getting a second wind.
With some feta and olive oil, they'll make a nice salad (if I
don't eat them all straight off the vine first).


This is frightening.

Onions.  I think they sprouted after the rains a week or so ago. 
I don't know if they'll continue to grow in this cold.  I pulled one and it was
pretty small.  Maybe I'll get a few pearl onions?

It looks like I still have a bit more time before I need to put the garden to rest for the winter.  Good -- all the more knitting time for now. 

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