Saturday, May 25, 2013

Llama on the Loose!

I was heading out to the grocery store/post office this morning when movement at the edge of our property caught my eye.  Glancing up, I spied a ..... llama.

This might not normally be of any interest, except that I don't have a llama.  Nor does any of the neighbors.  So of course I got out of my car to get a closer look.

Next to our house is some undeveloped, most wooded land.  We'd heard that a llama had been spotted in there, and John had actually seen it in this same area a couple of days ago.  It doesn't run away, but hasn't let anyone get too too close.
The neighbor across the street from us had left out some water for the animal, and I saw the llama poking at the now-empty bucket.  So I ran to re-fill it.

Here llama llama!

She sure knew what a bucket was, and came for a closer look.

Hmmm, whatcha got there?

Okay, I'll come closer.

Water's great, but I was expecting a little treat, maybe?
Yeah fine, enough of you.

She had a sip of water and then trotted back off off into the woods, so I went on to do my errands.  Later I did a quick internet search and learned that llamas eat mostly grass hay, so she should be fine where she is for a bit.  Looks like we'll need to contact Animal Control to see if anyone has reported a lost llama. 

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