Friday, August 16, 2013

Tortoise on the Loose!

I was working in my studio yesterday, just doing my thing, when John rushed by the open window, carrying a large plastic bag and clearly on a mission.

John:  Hey hon, I'm on my way to feed the tortoise that's up on our hill some watermelon rinds.  Wanna come?

Me:  Yeah, sure.



Me:  Um, tortoise?

And lo, there was indeed a tortoise up on the hill.  A big one.

While I was snapping pictures and marveling at the not-so-wild wildlife, John went to grab the neighborhood phone directory and track down the owner of the tortoise.  A few calls did it, and we learned that he belongs to a neighbor a few houses down the road.
This is Herman.  He's 10 years old.  Apparently Herman's an escape artist and gets out at least once a year and goes on a walk-about.  He can cover some ground; our house is at least a quarter mile from where he lives.  And Herman can sure move quickly.  By the time our neighbor's son had come to collect him -- less than 10 minutes or so -- Herman had made his way down the hill, up our driveway, and along the side of the house to hide behind the a/c unit.

The watermelon was a hit.

Powerful forelegs, with thick scaly skin.


The shell is amazing.  From above, it's like looking down at the mesas in the desert southwest.

First a llama, then a tortoise.  Can't imagine what's next.  If it's a cow, I may just keep it.

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