Monday, May 30, 2016

What I Did This Weekend (So Far)

When you work from home, there's really no such thing as a weekend.  Especially a long weekend.  Or even a holiday.  One day blends into the next, and you pick and choose which day is a workday (they usually all end up workdays) or an errand day or a housecleaning day, or -- sometimes -- you just declare a day off.  It could be a Tuesday or a Friday or a Sunday.  It really doesn't matter.

Sometimes, you even declare an entire weekend off.  This Memorial Day, I did just that.  I wanted a weekend that felt like a weekend.  And a holiday where I actually observed what was being celebrated.  And I wanted the time to just be in the moment and enjoy the little things.

So, this weekend, so far, I have enjoyed the cool morning air and drunk coffee on the deck.  And I enjoyed the warm evening breezes with a glass of wine on the deck.  I've watched the turkeys tussle and the bluebirds and titmice bring food to their babies in the nesting boxes around the deck, back and forth, back and forth, never seeming to tire.

I cooked a lovely dinner one evening.  Another evening I ate just bread and cheese.

I went to the farmers' market for the first time this season.  I made yogurt and canned zucchini relish.  I planted herbs. 

I reveled in the heat.  I cursed the heat.

I went for a long walk.  I took a nap.

I read a book.  Actually, I read almost two books.  I knit a bit. 

I even went into the studio and designed a few new things.  It was mostly play, though, and thoroughly enjoyable. 

And, I have remembered.  I have given quiet thanks for those who lost their lives in service to their country.  My family no longer has the Memorial Day custom of visiting the cemetery to lay flowers on our relatives' graves -- there's really no family left to do so -- but I still remember those who came before, those who are no longer with us.  Those who touched my life, or the lives of those important to me.  I think of them often, but try to make a special acknowledgement from my heart on this Day of Remembrance. 

There's still half a day remaining on my self-declared long weekend.  I'm sure I'll find some way to fill it. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

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