Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Done, Done, and Done

These socks were finished a long time ago, but for the buttons.  I found what I knew would be the perfect ones, and then promptly misplaced them.  Since I had to purchase ten of them, I wasn't about to buy more, so I waited until they turned up.  It was worth the wait, since the buttons are indeed just right.  The pattern was a quick and fun knit, especially in worsted weight yarn.  Long Night's Journey Into Day by Star Athena, in Brown Sheep Nature Spun, colorway French Clay.  Tagua nut buttons, from Eco Beads.

I like to work on basic socks when travelling, and took these along with me to Port Ludlow in November.  I added a simple stitch pattern on the leg and down the top of the foot to keep them interesting, but not so involved as to require a lot of concentration.  I really like the way these turned out, and will use them as a prototype for a more robust design in the near future.  The rather, uh, interesting yarn is STR Lightweight, handdyed by me at Sock Camp last year.  The colorway was not quite what I was going for, but I learned a lot and will give it another go sometime. 

Recently off the needles, these socks show that sometimes the simple can be extraordinary.  I love these.  A simple center panel down the front of the sock adds interest, but doesn't compete with the gorgeous colorway (STR Lightweight in Persephone's Persimmons).

I do seem to have a browny-orange thing doing, eh?  Time to mix that up, so I've got some Pepe La Plume on the sock needles now.  It's way outside my normal color range, which is a good thing now and then. 

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