Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm back from TNNA in Long Beach and in the throes of order fulfillment.  The energy level of the show seemed much diminished from the last show in Columbus in June, but maybe it was just me, or the fact that my booth was in the hinterlands of the showfloor.  Still, overall it was a lovely show, and as always there was the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. 

I was incredibly fortunate to have Michelle Miller from Fickle Knitter Design right across the isle from me.  How fun to have a buddy nearby to talk to.  Stephen came by for a visit, and I got to taste his now infamous handmade caramels.  Here we are, along with Stephen's host for the weekend, Wendy.

I didn't get to room with my buddy Jeane de Coster of Elemental Affects this go-round, but we managed to meet up for a couple of dinners and brainstorm.  As always post-show, my brain is on overdrive processing new ideas, and my to-do list seems longer now than it did before the show.

I also got to chat with the charming Rick from Laurel Hill.  Last show he generously gave me a pair of their palmwood straight needles to test drive.  I much prefer wood needles over bamboo, and Laurel Hill's are really nice.  They have a long tapered point, are very smooth and feel good in your hands, and the end finials with a little bit of inlay are quite attractive.  Kismet and Karen were there (wo)maning the Bar-Maids booth, where I scored a product sampler including a jar of Face Pudding and a Lo-Lo Bar.  These products are absolutely the finest face and body products I've ever used, and I'm looking forward to restocking when I see them at Stitches West.

Okay, back to the work table while there's still daylight.  I aim to finish all orders by the end of the week, and then start in on inventory for Stitches (Yikes!  Yikes!  Can February really be just around the corner?)

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  1. Thank you for being such a great booth neighbor and for introducing me (enabling me?) to Bar Maid's products.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you again at Stitches West!