Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family Business

They say never do business with family.  "They" don't have my SIL, Sharon, as a real estate agent.  It's hard to house hunt when your intended destination is an eight-hour drive away, but Sharon was a great resource -- even though our destination is quite a distance from her home base as well.  We hit some snags trying to purchase the home we wanted, but Sharon stuck with it and after two anxiety-filled weeks, she nailed negotiations and we sealed the deal last night.  We have a new home!  Phew.

In a month, we'll be heading north to the heart of California's Gold Rush country.  Did you know that Gold Rush country is also heavily populated with wineries?  Oh yes, I am seriously looking forward to tasting exploring my new territory.

Thanks, Sharon, for everything.  You're a pro.  And great family.

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