Friday, December 3, 2010

Scheduled Panic

Did someone crank up the dial on the time machine?  Because it's December.  DECEMBER!  And that means that next month is TNNA January.  And the following month is Stitches West February.   Slow it down, please!

Given this runaway freight train of a calendar, I thought I'd start prepping for the oncoming show season early, and even count up how many batts I have to make for Stitches.  I was a bit surprised when the simple math resulted in a number over 300.  That's just my base production, not including any of new fiber blends I've been thinking about.  Yikes, that's a lotta batts.  John thought he'd help and put my production schedule into some special scheduling software.  He determined that at my current rate of production, I'd be done in mid-July of 2011.  Since Stitches is in February (of 2011), this is a bit of a problem.  So, production is ramping up.  Marker making is in high gear as well.  Sigh.  Perhaps the holidays can be moved to March?

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