Monday, December 27, 2010

Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum Carder

December 23rd was the last day of my day job.  I retired, again (long sordid story -- I'm calling it Retirement Take 2, and I told the boss that this time I mean it!) leaving behind the academic/corporate world to focus on my own little business.  Good riddance.  While there's much to be said about the benefits of a steady paycheck, there is also much to be said about crafting a life that is truly fulfilling and dreaming big.  I no longer will be commuting 100 miles a day to get my soul crushed.  Instead, I'll be making my own schedule and devoting my energies to the people and things that matter to me.  I'm going to be my own boss. 

For the holidays on the 24th and 25th, I did holiday things.  No work.  It was grand.  Yesterday I got back into the swing of things (I do have a big show coming up, after all), albeit at a slow pace.  I made some markers and puttered around the studio.  I went to the farmers' market, and took the prettier but slightly longer route home.  I carded some batts, washed some fleece, plied some singles.  Then I baked bread and made a pot of soup.  I knit for a while, then read before turning in.  A really lovely day.  My day, not someone else's.  How liberating!

TNNA is just 10 days or so away with Stitches West following close on its heels, so it's time to crank up the production -- there's still so much to be done.  Today is batt-making day.  It's exciting though.  And crazybusy can be a great thing when it's your own crazybusy.  

Okay, the boss says to get back to the drum carder!

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