Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Little Falling Down at the Fair

I participated in our guild's annual Sheep to Shawl exhibition at the county fair a bit ago.  It's always a great day (my job this year was to card batts for the spinners), and I love visiting the livestock areas, especially of course the sheep and goats.  These little visits often result in a fleece coming home with me at the end of the day, but this year -- let's just say that I was a bit overenthusiastic. 

The two gorgeous moorit Merino fleeces and a lovely Romney that I had recently purchased from the wonderful Mendenhall Wood Ranch were plenty to keep me busy for a while.  And oh yes, I have in mind an idea for a luscious blend (in fact, I'm thinking of naming it "Luscious") for that pretty little Cormo fleece I had just acquired.  So really, I was pretty well set in the fleece department, but you know, if something at the fair caught my eye, what's one more?  Right?

Well, a delightful little pale tan Romney caught my eye.  Then I just couldn't pass up another Romney -- such a beautiful shade of gray.  I managed to convince my friend Susie to split the almost-seven-pounds of it with me.  And then there was that little Shetland lamb fleece that was only .8 lbs, so what's the harm in that?  Lastly there's the Oxford that my friend Susie bought and somehow managed to convince me that I needed half of. 

Now I'm really good for fleece for a while.  Except for that colored mohair fleece I just found online.  I mean, I need it to blend with the Romney, right?  Right?

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