Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Goes in the Bag, Stays in the Bag

Something had to be done.  The right knitting tool never seemed to be at hand:  the tape measure was in another room; the tapestry needle was lost in another project bag; the scissors were where they were supposed to be in their proper pouch, in the basket next to my chair.  But I was not in my chair, I was off at knit night.  After a bit of looking, I found the perfect solution -- Tom Bihn's Pencil Case.  It's big enough to hold all of the essentials, and small enough to fit in a sock-sized project bag.  I picked up a couple, so that I could put one in each active project bag (why yes, I do in fact have more than a couple of active projects going at a time, and so no, two pencil cases are really not sufficient).  Anyhoo, here are the cases in action, demonstrating just how much you can fit in the little things.

In each of my cases, I have:  tape measure, scissors, ruler and/or needle gauge, tapestry needle, mini notebook (mine are from Moleskine, and are wonderful), crystal nail file, extra DPN if I'm working on socks or mitts, mechanical pencil, a Wanda or two, perhaps a cable needle, and lots of stitch markers (there's never a shortage of markers here at Chez Markers a Lot).

They work perfectly.  But only WHEN I REMEMBER TO PUT THEM IN THE PROJECT BAG. 

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