Monday, October 11, 2010

Sometimes Making Do Doesn't Do

I found an intriguing chickpea flatbread recipe that I've been itching to try for months now.  I'd been waiting for a cool, preferably rainy, day to try it out -- you know, bread-baking weather.  Since we're into yet another heat wave and it hit 99 degrees yesterday, I decided that bread-baking weather was not gonna happen any time soon, so I just went on with it.

The recipe called for a 12-inch pizza pan, which I did not have and did not want to invest in for an uncertain recipe, so I improvised and used a couple of sheets of aluminum foil, molded into a round and placed on a pizza baking stone.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Well.  Besides the fact that the dough (actually a batter) was really, um, liquid, I think the dough needed the heat conduction of a heavy pan.  Plus, I eye-balled the diameter measurement and believe I might have been a bit on the generous side.  Thus my flatbread came out really -- flat

Next time I'll use a proper pan.  There will be a next time, but this recipe needs a bit of tweaking first, I think.  It was good, but there was something just not right about it.  Not that I've ever had chickpea flatbread before to judge by, but the taste and texture was just not, well, right.  Texture a bit on the spongy side (I don't much care for spongy), taste very definitely chickpea (maybe too much so), it was less like bread and more like -- ???  Definitely some tweaking to do.  Perhaps a bit of white flour in exchange for the chickpea flour?  A bit more time in the oven?  Some rosemary, I think.  And for sure, some bread-baking weather. 

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